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Our menu reimagines Vietnamese morning traditions where shared dishes inspire conversations, connections are deepened and time-honored recipes intertwine with today’s culinary innovation.

Where Art, Culture, and Connection Flourish

Nue is a place of peaceful elegance, where we celebrate the beautiful stories of people with Vietnamese origin and foster meaningful community events through our sophisticated, deeply relaxing hospitality. Our inventive culinary masterpieces merge tradition and modernity, while our enchanting ambience transports guests to a mesmerizing dreamscape.

traditional Conveniently Reimagined

Our holiday menu is an artful blend of warm and comforting Thanksgiving traditions we all cherish with creative touches that reflect our Viet-American story. Our feast combines the best of both cuisines into a memorable at-home experience for you and your loved ones.

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Art Exhibitions, Cultural Events, and Educational Opportunities

Nue will feature art and cultural events that aim to educate and engage customers in the vibrant history and diversity of Vietnam.

Nurturing Your Inner Garden with Aida Murad “Nurturing Your Inner Garden” – A Harmonious Connection of Art, Food, and Soul. Reflecting back on Monday’s “Nurture Your Inner Garden” with the remarkable Aida Murad, my heart swells with gratitude and awe. To witness 35 beautiful souls, sharing

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Our exceptional culinary experiences have garnered well-deserved recognition and acclaim. Explore what the media is saying about us, from rave reviews in prestigious publications to exclusive features in top food blogs. Discover why we’re making headlines and tantalizing tastebuds.
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