Our Story

Nue’s tagline, “Elegantly Vietnamese,” reflects the restaurant’s mission to showcase the diverse flavors and cultural influences of Vietnam through creative and intellectually-engaging experiences.

Founder Tuyet Nhi Le, a young Vietnamese-American woman, is passionate about sharing her family’s story and the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam through food and the arts. Le believes that Vietnamese cuisine and culture are often misunderstood in the American context, and aims to change that through Nue.

At Nue, customers can expect to be transported to a place of peaceful elegance, where food is deeply contemplated and the unique flavors of Vietnam are celebrated. In addition to offering a wide variety of traditional dishes, Nue will also feature art and cultural events that aim to educate and engage customers in the vibrant history and diversity of Vietnam.

Le envisions Nue as a platform for empowering the Vietnamese voice and a meeting spot for VIPs in the community. She says, “I believe that the Vietnamese culture deserves to be celebrated and better understood. With Nue, we aim to do just that – to create an experience that combines the best of Vietnamese culture, art, history, and intellectual thought with delicious, beautifully-presented food. We want to serve beautiful stories of people of Vietnamese origin and create meaningful community events through our elegant and deeply relaxing hospitality.”

Nue is more than just a restaurant – it’s a place where the Vietnamese voice can be heard and appreciated. We invite you to join us in February at our Falls Church location for a truly unique dining experience.

Our Inspiration

Tuyet’s greatest inspiration was her great granduncle, Le Pho (1937-2001), a renowned Vietnamese artist. Le Pho masterfully melded impressionism, surrealism, and traditional Chinese art to create a mesmerizing blend of styles.

His most famous artwork, “Nue”, sold for an unprecedented $1.4M in 2019, marking the highest sale ever for a Vietnamese artist at that time. This timeless masterpiece represents a daring departure from convention and societal norms. Le Pho’s fearless approach elevated Vietnamese art, transforming the perception from inexpensive to invaluable. This spirit of audacity and transformation fuels NUE’s ethos.

At NUE, we imbue every corner with Le Pho’s trailblazing spirit. Each room envelopes you in an ethereal ambiance that transcends the typical dining experience. Our cuisine is a delicate blend of tradition and innovation, where every dish becomes a canvas. We paint a vivid picture with harmonious flavors and rhythmic textures, creating a dining experience that stays with you long after your visit.