Father’s Day at NUE: Celebrating the Legacy of Creativity!

As we near Father’s Day weekend, I wanted to share a personal story that’s at the heart of NUE: Elegantly Vietnamese. Many of you know my culinary inspiration flows from my mom but the nurturing of my creativity actually started with my Dad.

I remember an art assignment from 2nd grade, a task to draw a fish. Instead of doing it for me, my dad said that I can show you what I would do and you can see if you can do it yourself. As a result, instead of a stick figure fish like most of my classmates, I ended up drawing a fish with scales and shaded to look 3D realistic – a significant accomplishment for a second grader. That significant moment marked the beginning of my journey into creation leading to my current passion of crafting unique dishes to imagining and materializing the interior design of NUE.

This Father’s Day, we wish to honor the quiet strength, wisdom, and lasting legacies of fathers. To pay homage to these extraordinary individuals, our culinary team and I have curated a special dish—our Bone-In Short Rib and Grilled Lobster—which will be available throughout the weekend.

We would be honored to be a part of your Father’s Day celebration this weekend. Whether you end up celebrating at NUE or elsewhere, our sincere wish for you is a joyous and memorable Father’s Day filled with warmth and love.

With warm wishes, 

Tuyet Nhi Le 

Founder, NUE: Elegantly Vietnamese and CEO, Happy Endings Hospitality Group


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