Celebrate 2024 at NUE!


FEB 1st - FEB 29th

Grand Celebration Event
Dragon-Inspired Cuisine & Cocktails
$24K in Prizes and Li Xi

Dragon-Themed Lunar New Year Celebration

When: FEB 1st - FEB 29th

Where: NUE and Chasin’ Tails Restaurants

What: Cuisine, Cocktails, Prizes, Fashion, Dance, Art


Our Grand Celebration Event

Join us on Thursday, February 8 from 5-10 p.m. for our Grand Lunar New Year celebration. Enjoy an exclusive menu from Executive Chef Daniel Le, featuring traditional celebratory cuisine and the unveiling of his new dragon-inspired whole fish. Indulge in alluring dragon cocktails, witness top-tier performers, play festive games for prizes, enjoy an elegant Ao Dai fashion show from renowned designer, Thieu Vy and receive blessings from the dragon dance. VIEW EVENT DETAILS

New Dragon-Inspired Cuisine & Cocktails

Join us between 2/1 and 2/29 to experience Executive Chef Daniel's modern reimagination of a nostalgic Vietnamese classic - the Dragon Red Snapper.

Immerse yourself in our enchanting dragon-themed cocktails, each masterfully crafted to embody the elemental forces of fire, water, earth, metal and wood- a mystical journey inspired by the legacy of the dragon. VIEW MENU

$24K in Prizes and Li Xi

Get lucky with our favorite childhood tradition of receiving red li xi (lucky money) then gambling with the New Year’s game, animal dice (Bầu cua cá cọp).

From 2/1 to 2/29, dine in and spend $202.4 for a chance to win aprons & cutting boards to exclusive dining experiences to $2024 of gift cards to our grand prizes: Trip to Vietnam and 24 Million VND or a Trip to Vegas and $2.4K to Gamble! HOW TO PLAY AND WIN

About NUE Elegantly Vietnamese

Founded by Tuyet Nhi Le, a visionary Vietnamese-American entrepreneur, NUE is an modern upscale restaurant that creatively reimagines traditional Vietnamese flavors through contemporary culinary artistry, seen through a distinct Viet-American perspective.

Beyond its innovative cuisine, NUE embodies Le’s vision as a vibrant platform for exploring and celebrating Vietnamese history, culture, and art. Serving as a hub for engaging events and impactful collaborations with thought leaders, NUE transcends the conventional dining experience.

Inspired by her own journey navigating dual identities, Le crafts NUE into a cultural bridge that seamlessly connects the rich heritage of Vietnam with the dynamic influences of contemporary American life.