A Journey Beyond Pho – The Phomakase Experience with Chef Nikki Tran

When two culinary worlds collide, magic happens. And that’s exactly what unfolded when NUE teamed up with the incomparable Chef Nikki Tran for our Phomakase event, a day that left us profoundly grateful and excited about what lies ahead.

The Beautiful Chaos

Chef Nikki, a whirlwind of creativity and spontaneity, challenged us in ways we hadn’t expected. Our chefs, who usually prize precision and planning, were thrown into an adrenaline-pumping realm where measuring spoons were irrelevant and menus were conceived just hours before showtime. With a sold-out event and a room filled with eager palates, the tension was palpable. Yet as soon as Chef Nikki led the room in a spirited toast of “Một Hai Ba, Dzô!”, we knew we were part of something exceptional.

A Pho-midable Line-up

It was a culinary journey that spanned Vietnam, told through eight courses of Pho—from the mild and aromatic Pho Bac, to the spicy intensity of Pho Nam, to the distinctive Seafood Pho inspired by Lang Son Province. Each course offered its unique flavor profile, woven together by the poignant stories of the Vietnamese boat people, creating a tapestry of our collective dream.
  • Hieu Tieu Bo
  • Onion salad with Crab, Shrimp, and Pho Fat
  • Pho Ga Tron
  • Pho Bac
  • Pho Nam (Spring Roll)
  • Pho Lang Son
  • Seafood Pho
  • [And a few surprise dishes!]

Shared Stories, Shared Success

Just like our sister event at Chasin’ Tails with Chef Nikki, Phomakase received overwhelming applause. Your enthusiasm has energized us to explore new culinary ventures and perhaps another collaboration. Stay tuned for more.

I can’t help but see the poetic symmetry between Chef Nikki’s story and the soul of NUE—a platform to empower overlooked but infinitely beautiful voices. These events were not just about the food; they were about capturing a shared dream, a collective yearning for community, culture, and culinary creativity.

Thank you for being part of this unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to share what’s cooking next.

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