Nurturing Your Inner Garden with Aida Murad

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“Nurturing Your Inner Garden” - A Harmonious Connection of Art, Food, and Soul.

Reflecting back on Monday’s “Nurture Your Inner Garden” with the remarkable Aida Murad, my heart swells with gratitude and awe. To witness 35 beautiful souls, sharing an intimate space, painting, laughing, connecting, and simply immersing in the magic of art was truly special. 


It started with a conversation about mental health and finding ways to cope with different human emotions with a dear friend. The conversation with Chelsea lead to a connection with the remarkable Aida Murad, a woman of immense courage and grace. Her life mission to ensure that people feel “seen, heard, and loved through art” resonated with me and echoes the very essence of NUE. Our unexpected meeting soon blossomed into planning a heartwarming collaboration.
The theme, “Nurturing Your Inner Garden” came about as Aida, Chelsea and I were moved by the simple power of connection – with oneself, with others, and within our world. I’ve also been reflecting deeply on NUE’s vision and it’s about empowering beautiful voices that often go unheard. Every dish, event and all of our stories serve this purpose- to celebrate, recognize and empower.


Chef Dan and I lovingly crafted a special menu that promises a symphony of “nourishing your inner garden.” The inspiration for this menu was inspired by the everyday family meal that’s prepared by our Moms. There’s always vegetables, a protein, carbs, soup, and fresh cut fruit to follow.

Our collaboration has been made even more delightful with the inclusion of Organic Chickens from Bobo Farms in NY and Organic Chinese Broccoli and Microgreens from Local Pure Farms.

Seyla Seng, the founder of Local Pure Farms also joined us for dinner! Local Pure Farms revolutionizes local agriculture, delivering “beyond organic” vegetables and herbs straight from our aeroponic gardens to your table.


The event was a testament to the healing power of art combined with nourishing food. The ambiance, the connections made, and the unforgettable memories and feelings of the evening is something I can’t capture with words nearly as well as our recap video.

 I cannot thank you enough to everyone that came out to spend such a special evening with Aida, Chelsea and I. It was everything and more than what we had imagined. I hope you left feeling more nurtured and inspired.

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