Year of the Dragon 2024

Dragon-Inspired Cuisine and Cocktails

FEB 1st - FEB 29th

Immerse yourself in our Lunar New Year menu with masterpieces curated to enchant your senses and set the stage for a prosperous 2024!

Dragon Red Snapper: An Ode to Legend

A Vietnamese Classic Artfully Reimagined

We invite you to savor this innovative Dragon Red Snapper, a tribute to Vietnam’s revered Elephant Ear Fish. Executive Chef Daniel Le elevates this classic with a dragon-inspired transformation, presenting a deboned masterpiece with scales of exquisite crispiness, draped in an intense fiery glaze, and accompanied by luxurious Uni & Crab Kani Hokkaido rice.

Inspired by the famous delicacy from the Vinh Long River region, this dish is reimagined at NUE to bring you an elegant blend of tradition, texture and taste in celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

Elemental Dragon Cocktails

Mixology meets Mythology

Step into a realm of enchantment where each of the five elemental dragons comes alive in a glass. Each unique cocktail is a tribute to its dragon with each embodying the spirit of water, fire, earth, metal and wood.
Revel in the purifying elegance of the Water Dragon, ignite your senses with the Fire Dragon’s bold zest, savor the grounded robustness of the Earth Dragon, shine with the Metal Dragon’s clarity and grow with the Wood Dragon’s refreshing notes
Savor the sensory adventure of our Elemental Dragon Cocktails, designed to visually enchant, tantalize the taste buds, and allure with aromatic whispers, each sip crafting a tale of fortune and festivity.

About NUE Elegantly Vietnamese

Founded by Tuyet Nhi Le, a visionary Vietnamese-American entrepreneur, NUE is an modern upscale restaurant that creatively reimagines traditional Vietnamese flavors through contemporary culinary artistry, seen through a distinct Viet-American perspective.

Beyond its innovative cuisine, NUE embodies Le’s vision as a vibrant platform for exploring and celebrating Vietnamese history, culture, and art. Serving as a hub for engaging events and impactful collaborations with thought leaders, NUE transcends the conventional dining experience.

Inspired by her own journey navigating dual identities, Le crafts NUE into a cultural bridge that seamlessly connects the rich heritage of Vietnam with the dynamic influences of contemporary American life.