Year of the Dragon 2024

WIN $24K in Prizes

Ends March 3rd, 2024

Dine In & Win Big in February! To celebrate 2024, we’re giving away $24K in lavish prizes including a Vietnam Trip for two with 24 Million VND to spend! There’s no limit on winners so you’re in luck!

WIN $24K in Prizes

Join us in our favorite Lunar New Year tradition of receiving Li Xi- envelopes filled with lucky money, followed by the family gambling game animal dice (Bầu cua cá cọp) where players bet on the animal that shows up on each roll!

How it Works

Dine in

Dine in and spend $202.4 (before tax and service fee)!

Choose your Li Xi

Choose your Lucky Li Xi to Reveal Your Animal

Match Your Animal

Cheer for Your Animal to Appear!

How to Win!

Dealer Rolls 3 Dice

We’ll roll 3 dice with animals on each face! 🦐🦀🐟🍈🦌🐅

If your animal appears on any die, you win!

The number of times your animal appears corresponds to how big your prize is! Walk home with your choice of prize (see below)!

1 🦀:  Tier 1 Prize  (Valued at $100)

2 🦀🦀:  Tier 2 Prize (Valued at $500)

3 🦀🦀🦀:  Tier 3 Prize (Valued at $2.4K)


Prize Table

We invite you to dine in to get lucky with us and win your share of $24K in prizes including a Trip to Vietnam for Two and 24 Million VND to spend! There’s no cap on the number of winners, so everyone’s in luck!



Trip to Vietnam

We cover Flight, Hotel and give you an extra 24M in VND for Food!

Trip to Las Vegas

We cover flight and hotel and give you an extra $2.4K CASH to gamble!


$2,400 in Value

$2.4K in gift cards

$202.4 in Gift Cards for Each Month for a Full Year!

CT: Exclusive Seafood Celebration for 20 Guests

Chef-curated menu for 20 guests including beer, wine & cocktails!

NUE: Exclusive Chef’s Table Dinner for 16 Guests

Chef-curated menu for 16 guests including wine & cocktails!

NUE: Host Your Private Cocktail Lounge Party

Includes venue, bites & drinks from 11P to 2A

CT: Host Your Private Late Night Celebration

Includes venue, bites & drinks from 11P to 2A


$500 in Value

NUE: Chef-Curated Romantic Dinner for 2

Enjoy an exclusive 3-course dinner with wine, cocktails & caviar!

CT: Your Seafood Celebration for 6!

Enjoy $500 in food and drinks for up to 6 guests!

CT: Chef-Curated Romantic Seafood Celebration for 2

Enjoy an exclusive 3-course dinner with wine, cocktails & caviar!

NUE: Your Elegant Dinner for 4

Enjoy $500 in food and drinks for up to 4 guests!

Gift Card Package to CT and NUE

$250 Gift Card to CT and $250 Gift Card to NUE

Lunar New Year Spirits Set

Limited Dragon Editions: Johnnie Walker Blue and Hennessy V.S.O.P


Approx Value: $100 Each

NUE Cutting Board

NUE Reversible Apron

LNY Edition Hennessy V.S.O.P

Belgium Chocolate Dragon w/Gift Card

Eat the dragon to reveal if it’s $20.24 or $202.4? 50/50 chance! 🐉✨

CT: Your Seafood Celebration for 2

Enjoy $150 in food and drink for 2!

$100 Gift Card

A $100 Gift Card to NUE or CT!


$20.24 Gift Card with NUE Chili Crisps

Good Luck in 2024!

Disclaimer: Prizes not redeemable for cash.

About NUE Elegantly Vietnamese

Founded by Tuyet Nhi Le, a visionary Vietnamese-American entrepreneur, NUE is an modern upscale restaurant that creatively reimagines traditional Vietnamese flavors through contemporary culinary artistry, seen through a distinct Viet-American perspective.

Beyond its innovative cuisine, NUE embodies Le’s vision as a vibrant platform for exploring and celebrating Vietnamese history, culture, and art. Serving as a hub for engaging events and impactful collaborations with thought leaders, NUE transcends the conventional dining experience.

Inspired by her own journey navigating dual identities, Le crafts NUE into a cultural bridge that seamlessly connects the rich heritage of Vietnam with the dynamic influences of contemporary American life.